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This young trio of multi-instrumentalists wages their own kind of war -- man against machine and solid state versus the vacuum tube -- thanks to a barrage of drum machines, synths, and samples mixed with pianos, pedal steels, and acoustic guitars. Mechanical beats loop and disappear into a collage of keyboards and other sounds, then live drums create pulsing rhythms in mesmerizing and almost transcendental compositions. Long stretching journeys into melody and texture wind into unfamiliar but soothing territories, wandering on and on until they finally evaporate into silence. The three members of Namelessnumberheadman supposedly have quite a time recreating these compositions with their limited lineup, which requires a single member to play drums and keyboards and sing all at the same time. Expertly formed and stylishly flavored, this is a group you may not of heard of, but certainly will want to hear more from.

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