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Naked Music NYC

Sweet. Seductive. Soulful. Such are the words that can aptly be used to describe Naked Music NYC, a musical collective from -- where else? -- New York City that is considered to be the latest denizens of the new soul revolution. The brainchild of producer and songwriter Jay Denes, Naked Music create beautiful, stripped-down soul music that is intoxicatingly simple. The group's debut album, What's On Your Mind?, is an intrepid offering that bursts with emotion, life, and, most importantly, grooves.

Naked Music was assembled by Denes, along with vocalists Ada Dyer and Catherine Russell, over the course of a year. Denes formed the group to create beautiful and classic soul music. He has produced and written a number of successful underground dance and house records, including work with groups like Groove Collective and the Repercussions. Dyer and Russell are both world-class vocalists who recorded their songs in spare moments between their own hectic schedules. The "6th Sense Dub" of "It's Love" is taken from their '02 release Reconstructed Soul.

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