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Zurich-based experimental trio Nachtluft ("night air" in German) made an ominous improvisational racket together for a few years in the mid '80s. Comprised of G?nter M?ller on electronic percussion and drum machines, Jacques Widmer on acoustic percussion, and Andres Bosshard on homemade cassette machines, Nachtluft were pioneers of the postindustrial noise aesthetic, creating an extremely eerie rhythm-based ruckus that evokes warfare, construction sites, and urban night terrors. It's not for the squeamish; theirs is disturbing improvisational music, to say the least.

The group formed in 1986 and soon recorded Belle View I-IV. That long out-of-print record has recently been revived by Jim O'Rourke and John Corbett and reissued by Atavistic (it begins a new miniseries within Corbett's Unheard Music series, Unheard Greats of Swiss Electroacoustic Improvised Music). It's a 40-minute affair (featuring "Silence R?active") captured live at a June 1986 performance in Zurich. The group went on to release several other albums before its members went their separate ways.

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