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Mystik Journeymen

If the Hieroglyphics crew helped start the Bay Area rap underground, the Mystik Journeymen have defined it in its current form. They are the founding members of the "Unsigned and Hella Broke" movement (aka the UHB) and personify the "to hell with record companies, we can do this on our own" indie ethic. Back in the mid-'90s, they helped start the now common practice of selling tapes in front of record stores on Berkeley's famed Telegraph Ave. The tapes may have been short on sound quality, but they were long on creativity and heart.

They soon became notorious for their live shows which mixed outrageous humor and slammin' performances. They used to offer discounts for concertgoers who brought along Top Ramen and Now & Laters candy. The Journeymen have an inspiring stage presence. It immediately grabs the audience, catching them with the raw, live Journeymen energy.

The Mystik Journeymen traversed the sands of the Mojave Desert to record with Las Vegas-based Kool DJ EQ for Industry Records Beats & Lyrics compilation. On "Black Sands," the song they recorded for the compilation, they take shots at fake crews who try hard on stage, but are all sizzle and no meat.

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