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Michigan's Mycomplex haven't been around very long (since the fall of '97), but during the course of their fairly brief existence they've sure perfected their nuanced, technically accomplished brand of power punk. It's hard to pinpoint their sound, but it's a little like a heavily caffeinated, more pessimistic Braid. That's not quite fair though, because this band brings a package to the table that's more diverse than that. The foundation of Mycomplex's sound is one of driving melodies, start-stop-start again rhythms, manic energy, and above all else, almost unbearably sincere vocal and lyrical sensibilities. The featured song, "We Have Seasons Here," is nothing less than a totally genuine, heartfelt love song ("If I try to think about my life without you/ I can not imagine where I'd start/I need you"). Mycomplex adds to this already compelling mix with metal guitar riffs on some tracks and gorgeously evocative dual guitar arpeggios on others. The emotional range of this band is really remarkable.

"We Have Seasons Here" is from Mycomplex's first full-length, If We Keep Moving. The record was their first on San Diego-based Cargo Records, also home to Braid, Garden Variety, and Boy's Life, all bands which seem to share Mycomplex's sophisticated musical acumen.

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