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Mount Florida

Mount Florida is a duo from Glasgow, Scotland which specializes in eclectic electronic experimentation. Together since 1996, the two musicians work through a kind of push-and-pull that reflects their distinct backgrounds. MP Lancaster (aka Mike) is a longtime left-field electronic innovator who formerly worked on assorted arts installation projects. Twitch (aka Keith) is a veteran dance DJ and club promoter who formerly oversaw the now-defunct Pi Recordings. The two met at Twitch's Glasgow ambient club Sonora and took a shining to one another. Soon Twitch released an LP from MP on Pi, Stag Pie. The album didn't have much success, but the two remained friends, and when Twitch decided to try his hand at producing music, he recruited MP.

The music they create together as Mount Florida definitely isn't dance music. Nor is it purely experimental. It's a strange breed that relies on a high level of musical cross-pollination. A typical Mount Florida track will feature elements of hypnotic minimal techno, incantatory vocal cut-ups, dubby funk digressions, and even traces of traditional rock/pop instrumentation. It's an indiosyncratic kind of electronic music that seems to reach into forgotten corners of the consciousness and stimulate unfamiliar mental processes.

MP and Twitch have now released three EPs -- Stealth ('99), Storm, and Strut (both 2000) -- and an LP, Arrived Phoenix (2001), all on Matador. "G-Twang" can be found on Strut.

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