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Mount Analog

When an artist lists one of their main influences as being David Lynch films, you know you should probably get prepared for something pretty bizarre. Mount Analog delivers the weirdness with an opus of near-silent madness. This project is the creation of Tucker Martine, a Nashville native whose father wrote several popular country songs. Martine moved to Seattle to pursue a more non-country music surrounding and has been able to work with Modest Mouse, members of Neutral Milk Hotel, Land Of The Loops, and Gary Larsen -- yeah, the creator of The Far Side comic.

Mount Analog is a constantly morphing soundscape of mild terror. Best filed under "Musique Concrete," the project gurgles and slowly boils until it suddenly rushes and gushes into confusion. Not for the faint of heart and the overtraditional, Mount Analog is a mesmerizing and melting balance between music and unmusic.

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