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Morsel was formed in 1992 in Ann Arbor, MI by bassist Be Hussey, vocalist/flutist Miriam Cabrera, guitarist Shawn Jimmerson, and drummer Brian Boulteras. After several lineup changes, the core of Hussey and Cabrera remain, along with support from digerdoo player/knob jockey Fat'hed, guitarist Jason Burbo, and drummer Chad Pratt. With three records behind them, Morsel has distinguished themselves by creating a rhythmically driven, melodically refined sound that sets them apart from the often homogenized wankings of indie and electronic rock. The group uses a mix of electronic and organic sounds to form a dense, layered production reminiscent of the great Phil Spector. Cabrera's singing and Hussey's crushing polyrhythms are right at home against a backdrop of ringing guitars and eclectic samples. The band's latest offering, Para Siempre, is a beautifully textured album that blends the feelings of an electric shock with a a mother's calm whispered reassurance. Once you're over the initial confusion, Morsel's haunting sound will reveal hidden charms with every listen.

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