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M'lumbo's history as a group is almost as long and varied as its intense schizophrenic compositions. In twelve years as an on-again-off-again rotating cast of characters, the collective has released eight full-length albums and has made several appearances on compilations. The group has also created a number of films and commercials, including shorts for MTV and MTV2. In 1999 M'lumbo completed System Noise, a film featuring guest musical appearances from Gary Lucas, Badawi, and Neotropic which won best experimental feature at the New York International Film Festival, toured as a Slamdance feature, and secured European distribution.

Following the completion of System Noise, M'lumbo began working on their 2000 release, The Nine Billion Names of God. The album takes the listener on a journey through a schizophrenic world of found sound and collage-based music while maintaining a distinct jazz aesthetic. Although the group touches on about 100 different motifs throughout the nine-minute "Vacation in Heaven," there is never any doubt that the music you are hearing is coming from the same source/curator. The Nine Billion Names of God establishes M'lumbo among such neo-Dadaist greats as Neotropic and Negativland.

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