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Mixmaster Mike

Mixmaster Mike, whatcha got to say? A hell of a lot, apparently. As one of the founding members of the now-defunct Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Mixmaster Mike has a long, storied career behind the ones and twos. He may be the dopest DJ on planet Earth, as his turntablist skills are extremely well rounded, ranging from scratching to mixing to juggling. He has collaborated with other hip hop artists, most notably recording and touring with the Beastie Boys. And even though the ISP are no longer a unit, Mike has struck out on his own, continuing his global assault in the name of turntablism.

He has also recorded unfailingly dope, if unorthodox, DJ tracks for labels like the eclectic Asphodel imprint and that DJ-friendly mainstay of battle breaks, Dirtstyle Records. A Mixmaster Mike track is like a sonic assault, with scratches, stabs, distorted sounds and knockin' beats hitting from every angle, nearly causing sensory overload.

Mi Selecta features tracks from Mixmaster Mike, and also from turntable terrorists the Beastie Boys and Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Peezer (a new incarnation from Dan The Automator; the producer behind Handsome Boy Modeling School and Dr. Octagon), Rocker-T.; vocalist and songwriter for Skadanks and Cannabis Cup Band, and Jamalski: MC with groups like BDP, Dee-lite, Brand New Heavies, just to name a few. This project also features many up and coming producers, as well as many guest vocalists (San Francisco's New Dealers, and the East Bay's Strong Foundation, etc..) and musicians (Allen Whitman from the The Mermen, and DJ Quest, etc...).

Spin Psycle, released in late '01 on Moonshine Music, is possibly Mike's most accomplished project to date. He cuts, scratches, and transforms his way through 22 killer kuts, from hip hop/turntablism authorities such as BS2000, Gang Starr, Encore, Cali Agents, Large Professor, and the ubiquitous Beastie Boys. "Board Burner," track numero three on Spin Psycle, should give you an idea what to expect from the man like Mike.