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Miss Kittin & the Hacker

The disco revival continues in the form of this collaboration between the suddenly ubiquitous Miss Kittin and her longtime producer pal The Hacker. The glamorous duo met in 1992 in their hometown of Grenoble, in the French Alps, drawn together by their mutual love for the burgeoning European techno movement. They followed separate musical courses, with Miss Kittin (aka Caroline Herve) emigrating to Geneva, Switzerland, where she quickly became a highly regarded electro DJ, while The Hacker (aka Michael Amato) played for a while in industrial-techno bands before also catching the DJing bug. Kittin and Hack first started recording together around '97 and quickly struck gold with their track "Frank Sinatra," which features the memorable and racy refrain, "To be famous is so nice/Suck my dick, kiss my ass/In limousines, we have sex/Every night with my famous friends/Nice."

That track set the tone for the music these two electro jetsetters would make together: a Miss Kittin's ribald, improvisational lyrical sensibilities and deadpan delivery provide a perfect complement to the The Hacker's simultaneously menacing and endearing, decidedly retro production, a mix of classic Detroit techno and icy Moroder-styled vintage disco. Often recorded in a single take, their material has a kind of fresh, live, club feel to it despite its veneer of icy hauteur. The duo released their debut LP, the aptly titled First Album, in 2002, which features "Frank Sinatra" and the feathery, sex-damp, New Wave nostalgia piece "1982."

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