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Truly this is end-of-the-world music. It's music that will send shots of electricity up your back and through your legs, like when you're falling in love or facing a sudden crisis or starting to feel the acid. Remember the climactic scene in Apocalypse Now when Willard (Martin Sheen's character) snakes his way through the darkness and the shadows, machete in hand, to kill Kurtz (Marlon Brando) while the native tribe is performing its ritual sacrifice of a water buffalo, the Doors' "The End" playing crazily in the background all the while? "The horror, the horror!" Mirza makes music on that kind of level - this stuff is intense. Mirza's third record Iron Compass Flux, is sinister and menacing and will take you on a disorienting trip somewhere you might not be so sure you want to go. But even in the midst of the band's most unsettling excursions into instrumental mayhem and complete psychedelic nervous breakdown, some semblance of fragile structure remains. It doesn't exactly anchor you, but at least it reminds you that there is still a recognizable world containing comprehensible signs and sounds somewhere out there, you've just left it for a little while.