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Portland-based Minmae got started when Sean Brooks of TheePsychicHearts found himself stuck with some studio time his band couldn't use. So he went in alone, recorded a few tracks, and found himself with a bona fide side project. He chose the name Minmae in honor of the singing space celebrity beauty queen of the popular Japanimation sci-fi epic Robotech.

After numerous seven-inches, split seven-inches, and a couple of CD full-lengths, Minmae had ceased to be a side project and became a full-on endeavor. For his 2000 Minmae release, the Lucy in the Sky with DNA Helixes CDEP, Brooks even recruited a couple of bandmates: drummer Arabella Makalani (Jejune) and bassist Danny Powers (The And/Ors). Together the threesome plays an eclectic blend of lo-fi pop that draws from a variety of influences: the experimental noise rock of Sonic Youth and Flying Saucer Attack, the shoegazer drone of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine, and the kooky bedroom pop of Guided by Voices and Hood. Minmae wanders all over the musical map, even in the course of a single song, and the adventures are numerous -- both sleepy and noisy, offbeat and emotional.

"Sequestered But Not Forgotten" is a classic muddy indie pop song, while "Let Boredom Have the Dance" is darker and more ethereal. Both come from Lucy in the Sky with DNA helixes. Minmae's full-length releases include Microcasette Quatrains (BlueSanct Musak) and Vonsachiang (AirborneVirus).

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