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It should come as no surprise that Milemarker traces its roots back to the influential and amazing Sleepytime Trio. Fans of that band should certainly explore Milemarker's sonic blend of hardcore and hardware. But proceed with caution, for Milemarker is not interested in making you comfortable: they want you to confront some of your darkest fears and most closely held beliefs and reevaluate them.

The band's music defies simple categorization, incorporating elements of loud, angry hardcore with flawless New Wave-style keyboards and a healthy dose of attitude. On their third album, Frigid Forms Sell, Milemarker defies expectation, opening with a 30-second techno track that is utterly befuddling until it breaks into a chunky stream of guitars. In other places on the album, singer Roby Newton bends and folds her voice like a technologized Siouxsie Sioux. Newton's sultriness combines with Dave Laney's raw screaming power to give the songs a grandiose urgency.

Some of the songs on Frigid Forms Sell recall the raw confrontational power of Big Black or Unwound. "Sex Jam Two: Insect Incest," featured here, is more restrained and melodic, slowly opening with ringing Jawbox-style guitars and increasingly disturbing lyrics before exploding in a flash of post-hardcore furor.