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Mikael Stavostrand

After recording as Inanna and Archon Satani, Mikael Stavöstrand returns to the music scene with a most serious electronic work. De|gene|ra|ton spans 38 tracks (eight of which are entirely silent) which are meant to be considered together as a single long piece. The album marks an important step forward for Stavöstrand. While in the past he has delved into dark gothic rituals, this time around he takes a cue from artists like Ryoji Ikeda, Pan Sonic, and Merzbow in using elements of modern dance music and Japanese noise to focus purely on the tones. Listening to this music is a little like putting your brain through a meat grinder. De|gene|ra|ton can be disorienting, even crushing, so when it's over, you're slightly relieved. But after your ears stop ringing, you find yourself wanting more. Before you know it, you're a brain grinder addict.