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Migs and Rasoul

DJ Rasoul, whose real name is Guy Nado, has been making house music since day one in San Francisco. He was one of the early producers to come out of the famous Third Floor Studios, which was located above the old BPM Records in San Francisco. Other notable producers from this school include Buck and DJ EFX. Rasoul is one funky dude, known for his ability as a DJ to jumpstart any party with his pure knowledge of the history of house music. He is one of a handful of DJs in the Bay Area who grooves out on the dance floor equally as hard as he grooves behind the decks. He has produced for many labels including Large, Leaf Recordings , Grayhound Records, Transport, Freshly Squeezed, 83 West, Guidance, Zebra Records, and so on. Rasoul represents all shades of house from a deep soul to a funky underground vibe.

Miguel Migs is one of San Francisco's brightest young producers and has proven over the last few years that he can pump out the jams. He is also a talented DJ who has been know to turn a party out. Migs is best known for his tracks on the Transport, Large, Maxi, Om, and Naked imprints. Migs and his friend and production buddy Rasoul have pumped out some serious house music that has been heard on dance floors worldwide. Migs's sound is not easy to nail down, but many of his tracks have a smooth and funky club feel to them. Watch and listen for more great music, both original tracks and remixes, to come from the mind of Migs and Rasoul.