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Michael Krassner

Michael Krassner is probably best known as the founding member of the Chicago-based experimental collective The Boxhead Ensemble, whose rotating cast has included local independent music luminaries like Edith Frost, Will Oldham, and Ken Vandermark. But in 1999, he began working in a decidedly different vein, producing melancholy singer-songwriter fare often reminiscent of great '70s pop auteurs like Jackson Browne, James Taylor, John Lennon, and others, though perhaps with a folkier, more windblown feel. His music is on the personal side, introspective, wistful, sweetly melancholic piano-driven pieces that absorb poignancy from Krassner's wavery, uneven singing voice. These understated, tremulous drifters creep up on you, pulling you into Krassner's candid, misty-eyed world. His self-titled '99 debut album is available on Truckstop and features "Water Lets the Life In" and "Dawn." A second album is reportedly in the works.