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Mia Doi Todd

So many musicians try their hands at the stripped-down voice-and-guitar approach, seeing it perhaps as the most direct and effective means to get out tortured stuff inside them that led them to become musicians in the first place. So few -- so very few -- are successful. Count Mia Doi Todd as a member of that elite group whose quiet solo material is truly unique and powerfully moving. Comparisons to other singer-songwriters can't convey the uniqueness of her poetic vocabulary, her hauntingly operatic elocution, her occasional use her unique brand of understated fierceness.

The powerful and poetic singer-songwriter, already a classically trained singer, began writing and recording her material as a Yale undergraduate. Her first release was a vinyl-only single, "Digging and Planting," which appeared on Halloween 1996. In 1997, just before she graduated, she put out her debut album, The Eye and the Ewe. In 1999, she released a live album, Come Out of Your Mine, recorded a year earlier in a New Haven chapel. After spending some time in Japan, Todd moved back to her native Los Angeles and did a third album, Zeroone, which she released herself.

"Digital, Version 2.2" is an electronic reworking of Zeroone's opening track. It appears on Emperor Norton's Dublab Presents: freeways compilation.