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Swiss-born Ralf Metzler (Mez) was once part of Berlin's renegade "art vs. electronics" collective, Elektronauten. For most of the mid to late '90s, Metzler and his cohorts General Elektrick (programmer), Hard D (synth wizard and Atari master), Ben De Biel (vocalist and visual specialist), Zen Master B (MC), Tricky Dicky (guitarist and DJ), Mike (drummer), Noelle (vocalist), Lillevan (live video mixing and video scratching), and Datec (programming) squatted Eimer, Berlin's oldest independent music club. In addition to throwing numerous parties, the troupe regularly played live across much of Eastern Europe and released their collective works on labels such as Kitty-Yo, Incoming, and their own Data Error. Elektronauten successfully spearheaded Berlin's electro breaks scene and introduced the city to the then-fledgling sounds of drum and bass.

After Elektronauten split in '99, Mez went on to form Hybrid Inc. with General Elektrick. Together they worked in the studio, as a kind of sound designer duo, with the likes of Whirlpool Productions, Bored, Radiohead, and Savina Yannatou. Simultaneously, Metzler began developing his solo moniker, Mez. Frankfurt's Freiraum, a sub-label of Raum...Musik, was the first label to pick up on Mez's breakbeat-infused future-jazz sound. In July 2001, they released his debut album Puzzled, a rich and varied collection of smooth downtempo, sci-fi jazz, and punky experimental beats. The album should find favor with fans of Germany's nu-jazz movement pioneered by labels such as Compost and Stereo Deluxe.

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