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Menthol's brilliant album Danger Rock Science on Capitol Records will surely take the nation by suprise. Nothing this sexy, this seductive, this ROCKING has been unleashed since Ziggy Stardust, Devo, and The Cars first roamed the earth.

Menthol, from Champaign, Illinois, released their first album Gold Record as Mother in 1994. It was recorded at Memphis' Ardent Studios for the local label Mud Records. Fusing hot southern guitars with bombastic rock, Mother quickly became a local favorite and were swept up in the early '90s Champaign rock explosion which also included the stylings of peers (and one time bandmates) Hum and the Poster Children. Capitol Records soon signed and released the newly renamed and self-titled Menthol album in 1996. After a couple of years on the road with the likes of Everclear and Matthew Sweet, Menthol locked themselves in the studio and emerged (dramatically) from the dry ice fog as mutant New Wave freaks. Danger: Rock Science! is the rock document of three lives gone terribly awry.

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