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You have to appreciate any band that makes it a point to defy the norm. You might try to label Mclusky as punk, but they'd probably just tell you to piss off. This band is "original" in the sense that they refuse to be labeled and stuffed into tightly packed genre boxes.

Mclusky was born when Andy Falkous (vocals, guitar) and Matt Harding (drums) rebelled against the dress code at the Blackwood Miners Institute. For those who might wonder how stringent the dress code at a miners institute could be, the "stute" is actually a performing arts venue in Blackwood, Wales, the band's hometown. Falkous and Harding thought dressing like miners would be a good way to demonstrate the venue's historical significance. After being kicked out, they determined that their appreciation for old-school value was not shared by the Institue's administration. Shortly thereafter the duo met third member Jon Chapple (bass) while conducting an exercise in public urination at the Reading Festival.

McLusky's instrumentation is like their demeanour, raw and straightforward. Their lyrics are sarcastic, witty, and no-bullshit. Mclusky may drive those who draw inspiration from sonic chaos or cutting humor to invent the first automatic can opener/vacuum contraption. They will mock you, mock themselves, and mock the music industry with their fierce combination of catchy music and biting lyrics.

Mclusky Do Dallas is the band's strong follow-up to My Pain and Sadness Is More Sad and Painful Than Yours. The first release was successful in every market except the United States, where it wasn't properly released. If I were swilling rum and Cokes in a Las Vegas indie rock betting room, I would put my money on the not-so-long shot Mclusky, who may be less hyped and less well-known than some big name rockers of the day, but are every bit as talented. Mclusky Do Dallas is a tough-as-nails release which will be well worth the cash you drop for it. Sing it.