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Mazarin puts all the right ingredients into the pop souffle, creating something that's tasty and familiar, yet fresh. These gentle, playful psych-pop delights open a void in your heart, then slowly fill it up again with a sound you don't realize you need until you've experienced it the first time. Once you have, you won?t be able to get enough of these buoyant, well-crafted pop songs with their dreamy, sweet male vocals and delicate arrangements, which take a dash of Lilys, a sprinkle of Monkees, and a spoonful of the Elephant 6 Collective's weirdo pop, adding spice to their fresh, endearing sound.

Mazarin is the work of singer/songwriter Quentin Stoltzfus, who previously served time in the ambient psychedelic group The Azusa Plane and also recorded under the alias Therisphere He's brought numerous luminaries from the Philadelphia rock scene to lend their skills on his first album, Watch It Happen, including members of Lenola, The Azusa Plane, Aspera Ad Astra, and The Marinernine. Watch It Happen features the tracks "Wheats," "Green Lane," and "Chasing the Girl." "Vivian Lanes" is unreleased.

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