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Maureen Parker

Seattle-based Maureen Parker has a voice that puts most New York divas to shame. Both deeply soulful and energetically optimistic, her voice brings instant gratification to all who hear her performing live at Neighbors, the largest gay club in Seattle. It was here that she first encountered Tilted Records label boss and experienced producer Brent Laurence. Together they began experimenting in the studio and secured a release on the Miami-based label SoulGroove, an offshoot of Sounds For People.

"Whatcha Do," her debut release with Laurence on the Tilted imprint, has been well received throughout club land. Parker enlists Naked Music, NRK, and Large affiliate Miguel Migs for his remixing abilities, and the ensuing "Moody Mix" is nothing short of inspired. The "Shuffle Inc. Mix" is more organic. Phased synths wash over a sandy beach of echoed vocals, disco guitar loops, and tribal bongo patterns. The sun shines on Maureen Parker.

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