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Matthew Hattie Hein

Throughout the '90s, Portland slop-pop group New Bad Things were one of the better bands on the local scene, releasing three LPs and a bunch of singles, but never got much exposure outside the Rose City. One of that band's principal members was Matthew Hattie Hein, who left the Things to pursue a solo career. His recorded output has been minimal, but he's established himself as a unique, idiosyncratic songwriter. Singing in a high, cracked voice that could be that of a farmer-turned-folksinger on an Alan Lomax field recording, Hein accompanies himself primarily with folky, echoey acoustic guitar, and occasionally just a bit of percussion or accordion. One is left with a sense of beauty in the midst of vast space.

Hein's song "Thanks It's Nice" comes from the flip side of a split seven-inch with fellow Portlander Sarah Dougher.