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Matt Elliott

The Mess We Made is the first album from Third Eye Foundation and Flying Saucer Attack guitarist Matt Elliott under his birth name. Elliott has released numerous LPs and EPs under the Third Eye Foundation handle over the past six years, including most recently, What Is With You, Little Lost Soul, and I Poo Poo On Your Juju. Elliott forges his adventurous sounds in Bristol, home of Portishead, Tricky, and Massive Attack, and though it bears some resemblance to those sounds, it is most certainly its own beast.

From the moment you put on The Mess We Made, seems to take on life of its own, breathing and writhing with eerie vocal samples and harmonies that float and out of the mix at the most unexpected moments. Voices and sounds jump out at you out then fade away just as quickly, almost demanding that you stop what you're doing and take note. At certain points, slick, jittery breaks kick in, evoking Edward Scissorhands getting down with Winona Rider at some weird Tim Burton gothic rave. The other side of the sound is all encompassing layers of atmospheric sounds twisted and turned back on themselves, sounding like a soundtrack for a Ferris wheel at a haunted circus. Still other tracks float by, driven by triplet-timed Eastern European waltzes which bring to mind images of pale, cherub-faced women adorned in dark velvet, dancing languidly in dingy Victorian homes.

The Mess We Made is certainly is a chaotic post-rock workout, marking a departure for Elliott into darker, more twisted territory than ever before. Throughout the album, the bones of Squarepusher, Blonde Redhead, and surprisingly, Thom Yorke clatter around, but really, this album belongs in a frightening little category all of its own, mixing clicky experimental electronics, digital samples, and vocals to arrive at a distinctly alluring and evocative sound, at once dark and twisted yet still very human.

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