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Math Geek

In cases, when Math Geek is asked to define the genre of his music, he constructs word combinations like “Frisky Braindance”, “Fairytale Punk”, “Melodic Heavy Mental Childish Happy Hardcore” and so on. As gurus and like-minded people Math Geek, above all, lists Aphex Twin, Solar X, Bogdan Raczynski, Orbital, The Orb. He also admires Boris Grebenshikov, early Kraftwerk and the musical style of Happy Hardcore like Mark'Oh and Blumchen.

“I like the fact that Happy Hardcore has a strong energy and emotions, even if they are dumb. I suppose that this music is a genial and undeservedly forgotten phenomenon. It's the same as IDM, but more simple and comprehensible. I like it when there are, let's say, fast and rough beat throbs with a hard acid-bass layed over, and it almost makes me cry, because there also is a beautiful and touching melody. At this time you can even feel the so-called ‘illusion of happiness’. I enjoy this effect. It's a real ‘IDM-effect’.” — Math Geek

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