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Mary's 9th Cut

If music groups belonged to food groups, Kyoto's Mary's 9th Cut would unquestionably be some kind of dessert. Following the lead of Japanese kitsch pop innovators like Pizzicato Five and Fantastic Plastic Machine, Mary's 9th Cut whips up fluffy, tasty, very light pop songs with a strong lounge aftertaste and occasional gritty textures, a la Shonen Knife. Tinkling keyboards, buoyant guitars, and perky percussion provide a feathery foundation for singer Megumi Izumi's gleefully cute vocal antics.

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Masahiro Kamiuchi started Mary's 9th Cut in 1996 with drummer Takeshi Toga and ex-vocalist Tomoko. After two EPs and a few compilation appearances, Tomoko left the band. In early 2000, knowing M9C needed a new singer, Izumi contacted Kamiuchi and endeared herself to him with her love for The Cardigans and agile singing voice. The rest is history -- history which can be found on Mary's 9th Cut's debut LP, the eight-song Swan Song.

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