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Marumari (aka Josh Presseisen) is part of an ever-expanding group of bedroom electronic musicians carrying the torch lit a decade ago by Aphex Twin and Autechre. Hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, Marumari has released a number of EPs and full-lengths on Vinyl Communications and Carpark Records filled with beautiful electronic lullabies with an unmistakable bounce and beat.

"A Girl I Met at the Rest Stop" is the opening track to the BiP-HOp Generation v.1 CD, which features music from Scheider TM, Massimo, Goem, Ultra Milkmaids, and Phonem. It begins with '80s-style phased-out keyboards that sound like some of Controlled Bleeding's more ambient moments. Before long, the beat kicks in and pulls you into the song's slow, glowing warmth. The eerily comforting "Circles" is featured on Marumari's '99 album Ballad of the Round Ball, while the melancholy tones of "Searching For The Sasha Wolf" can be found on his '00 effort The Wolves Hollow. The surreal, soothing "Baby M" is one of 12 tracks on his excellent '01 Carpark album Supermogadon. Stars As Eyes is one of the remixers on The Remixes, which, as its name implies, is a ten-strong collection of Marumari remixes. Also featured on this album are retools by Electric Company, Casino Versus Japan, Greg Davis, Cex, and Octopus Inc.