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Marmoset is comprised of four men from the quaint village of Indianapolis with an ear for melody and a bit of an inclination toward the dark side. They make pop music with a forked tail and a dirty grin. Reviewers try to nail them down by bringing up Guided by Voices, Half Japanese, Sebadoh, Felt, Modern Lovers, Syd Barrett, and a dozen other names, and sometimes those comparisons can work, but Marmoset's songs, short and simple though they seem, transcend such easy comparisons. Marmoset is an interesting case: they possess a self-effacing fuzziness that feels very much in keeping with '90s American indie rock, a nihilistic bleakness that recalls older, often European artists, and a healthy streak of quirkiness in common with some of pop music's most distinguished eccentrics.

The songs "Blooms" and "Forever We Ignite" are from the Today It's You, their first full-length, which came out in 1999. The hiddenforbidden EP appeared that same year, bringing with it "Chinese Checkers." The brilliant, bizarre, highly ambiguous Record in Red appeared two years later, humming through different pop influences like bicycle spokes flashing in the sunlight, while maintaining a highly original perspective. The relaxed, almost dreamy ditty "Torn Cup, Fly Up Above," the The Pixiesish "Frendamine," and the ambivalent, whispery "The Tuesday Horn" all appear on that album.