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Mark Ambrose

Although Mark Ambrose is one of the most successful (and certainly the most respected) tech-house producers on the planet, he is also extremely media-shy. For the better part of a decade, he has been quietly releasing some of the best music in his field on Crayon (his own label) and has licensed works to the likes of Mosaic, Solid Groove, Mini Funk, Force Inc, Lifeforms, and most recently, Chicago's up-and-coming Euphoria. Ambrose is also a member of the South London-based Dynamix crew comprised of Eddie Richards, Mr. C, Nathan Coles, Terry Francis, and Pure Science.

His work, both under his own name and as Skymaster, is characterized by deep well-produced beats, warm undulating chords, and spaced-out synth programming. "Flying Over The Rockies" and "Viceroy" (released in late '00 on Euphoria) fuse the best elements of house (midtempo beats and wandering basslines) and the best elements of techno (searing chords and driving kicks) with effortless ease. Ambrose proves once again that he is the man to look to for next level techno-house fusion.

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