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Marine Research

If you hear tinges of the seminal English twee-pop band Heavenly in Marine Research's upbeat, celestial melodies, it's because Marine Research is comprised of four of original members of Heavenly. After the tragic suicide of that group's principal songwriter, Matthew Fletcher, the four remaining members took two-year hiatus before reforming with new drummer John Stanley (aka DJ Downfall) as Marine Research.

While Heavenly's blissful indie effervescence is at the core of the new band's sound, Marine Research builds on the twee glee, adding some of the colorful sample-based pop bricolage and French bounce of Stereolab, and some of the darker, minor-key introspection of singer-songwriter Kristin Hersh. The music is deceptively simple, but closer listening reveals a rich, lush density of composition. In this sense Marine Research is aptly named: the experience is a bit like wading into a calm ocean in a scuba suit, delighting in the gentle simplicity of the water's placid surface, then diving beneath to marvel at the intense color and variation of the flora and fauna living there. These songs are taken from Marine Research's K Records debut, the appropriately titled Sounds from the Gulf Stream.

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