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Marcus B.

Enter the domain of Marcus B., a Southern California turntablist who has toiled away in obscurity and quietly stacked up credentials since he started spinning in '87. He has been holding it down in the house/club scene since '92, producing and spinning for S.D. underground hip hop crew Dope Static, sprinkling a bevy of mix tapes throughout the San Diego area, and laying down tracks with fellow 1200 Hobo and Certified label don DJ Fingaz (the Field Souljerz beat album, '96).

Marcus B. is a fiendish sampling genie, floating through a world of record collections, television, and surrealist literature, warping and twisting large portions of all he sees and hears into a postmodern hip hop collage. Unlike other sample-based downtempo artists (DJs Shadow, Vadim and Krush, Autechre, Kruder & Dorfmeister etc.), who probably spend a great deal of time pouring their souls into their flawless, polished final cuts composed largely of forgotten, impossible-to-identify samples that don't even sound like samples, Marcus B. leaves it a bit rough at the edges. He's obviously coming from the land of the DJ mix tape, given his tendency to tinker with the familiar as well as the obscure. The listener follows Marcus's bliss and gets joyously lost in the process of it.

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