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Made For TV Movie

Fortunately Made for TV Movie the band does not suffer from the pretentiousness and triteness so common to the televisual genre from which they draw their name. In fact they make music with a visceral energy completely absent from the Hallmarky world of the conventional made-for-TV movie. The use of the word "visceral" will probably make you think that this is a hardcore band, which they're not, though their dense, wandering songs do cover a lot of emotional range range. But no, in fact Made for TV Movie does emo dirges, featuring lots of muscular buzzing guitars that sound not unlike musical hedge trimmers, ferocious snare-happy drumming, and tough vocals strangled with sincerity, all at relatively sedate tempos. When they rock, they rock hard like the power trio they are, but they don't rock all the time; often they lament. The band is Dan Devriend (vocals, guitars), PJ Aylward (drums), and Tanya Smith (bass). They've all done some work in other bands -- Devriend is an alumnus of the madman punk band Bisybackson and the confessional indie outfit Kind of Like Spitting, Aylward used to play in the Beantown punk band Forty and still serves in KolS, and Smith used to play in the metal ensemble Mistress -- but they enjoyed playing together, so they opted to get Made for TV Movie rolling. The band's first record, The Story of My Heroics (featuring "Couch" and "Portable") came out in 2000 on Jealous Butcher (CD) and Donut Friends (LP).

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