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M Trax

The core members of M Trax (aka Mettle Music Collective) are Manchester's Nic Conef and Mark Wadsworth. They met during a sound recording course, Conef then an established deep house DJ, Wadsworth an experienced jazz percussionist. Wadsworth was already well known for his production work as Yennah (with Sam Knaston) for Freerange and in his solo guise, Square One.

As Mettle Music Collective the boys utilize a pool of talented Manchester-based musicians, singers, writers, and engineers. Their initial productions were picked up by Sheffield's burgeoning Toko Records. Later they issued releases on Naked Music's sister imprint, Transport. M Trax is a new moniker the duo reserves for its tougher productions. Diesel's respected Low Pressings was quick to pick up a release and the trendy Nordic Trax was swift to follow. "Trip Chick" is a sexy house cut with funky off-kilter synth programming and a tight futuristic edge. Tim Shumaker puts on his Home & Garden hat and turns in a fantastic beat-driven Latin remix that will have clubs hopping from Chicago to Cancun.

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