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Dave Micalizzi and Mike Marolla, the two principal producers who make up Lypid, grew up working together, mastering technology and then letting it take a back seat to inspiration. Micalizza has previously recorded as Technetium, Marolla as Infinity8Infinity, and together the two have recorded under Mindless Banner, Ind. Ex., and Bluelight ISMS. They are well known in techno circles, having released work on their own 101 imprint as well as on IF Music, Nervous Records, Music Man, Template, Planet Rhythm, Industrial Strength, Grey Market and Carl Cox's much lauded In-Tec label.

The third member of Lypid is Micalizzi and Marolla's muse, the lovely Katharyn Hayman. On some tracks she contributes full vocals, and on others her words float in and out. Hayman writes material on acoustic guitar in the time-honored singer/songwriter tradition, but also worships at the altar of the Trinity workstation. She shows the diversity of her tools in her flexible, sensual, and very human contributions to Lypid. "Paradigm Shift" is a racy downtempo track formed of deeply erotic chords, spatial effects, and loose tumbling beats. They enlist the remixing abilities of Pork affiliate, Fila Brazillia for "The Sign's Alive." His "Vocal Mix" is an eclectic breakbeat affair laced with smooth female vocals and lush moving chords. "Compressed," also taken from "The Sign's Alive" single, is a dark downtempo affair for fans of Kruder & Dorfmeister and Kieser.Velten.

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