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Lync had this way of making melodies out of messes and mountains out of molehills. The distortion, hiss, and slightly untuned strings created huge songs from modest means. Lync formed in 1992 in the musically incestuous Olympia, Washington and released singles on Magic Pail, Candy Ass, Landspeed, and K Records, and one full-length on K (These Are Not Fall Colors) before disbanding in 1994.

In 1997, Troubleman Unlimited and K were kind enough to collect the band's singles and unreleased tracks and release them on one stunning compact disc, Remembering The Fireballs (Part 8). This disc reminds us of their influence and style, as echoes of their driving bass, ringing guitars, and urgent vocals resurface in many other bands from the Northwest. While Lync may no longer exist, its members continue to rock. Guitarist/vocalist Sam Jayne and drummer Dave Schneider are now in Love as Laughter, and bassist/vocalist James Bertram regularly plays in Red Stars Theory and 764-Hero, and has played with Beck, Built To Spill, and Satisfact, to name a few of his many projects. Jayne also contributed vocals to Beck's K Records release, One Foot in the Grave.