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Lupine is a young American quartet started by former members of Sarge, Lustre King, and La Makita Soma, and not to be confused with the not-so-young British quartet Lupine Howl, started by former members of Spiritualized. The Chicago band actually sounds a bit like its members' previous work; both the busy math rock dynamics of Lustre King and the inspired feminist pop-punk of Sarge are represented here. Singer Sue Roth's passionate caterwauling approaches the gold standard for rock frontwomen set by iconic singers like Chrissie Hynde and Exene Cervenka over the years. The band's two-guitar attack is forceful and intelligent, a mathy, rhythmic post-punk approach flavored by some slightly arena-rock riffing.

The band formed through a series of happy accidents which saw Roth and bassist James BonTempo relocating to Chicago and attending numerous Lustre King shows at the Empty Bottle. They eventually became friends with LK drummer Jay Dandurand, who invited BonTempo to come play vibraphone for his other band, a post-rock ensemble called La Makita Soma, which he did until the other members of La Makita Soma moved away from Chicago, leaving BonTempo and Dandurand behind. Soon after, Lustre King broke up. In the meantime, Roth joined Sarge. When that band broke up at the end of 1999, the three friends finally decided to start their own band. After a single show as a three-piece, Lupine expanded to include a fourth member, guitarist Jeremy Andriano. The group released its debut EP, The Fangs and the Flowers, in 2000.

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