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Lupine Howl

In the late '90's, frustrated by Spiritualized top dog Jason Pierce's notoriously autocratic management style, three of the group's members started talking about forming their own band. In 1999, the idle talk became reality when bassist Sean Cook, guitarist Mike Moooney, and drummer Damon Reece started their own Pierce-less project, which they dubbed Lupine Howl. Soon the trio was playing live, and in late 2000, they released their first single, "125."

The kinship to Spiritualized is certainly evident in the intricate, airy instrumental swirl from which Lupine Howl's songs emerge, but the songs themselves tend to be looser and more straightforward, liberated from the narcotic scrim that tends to hang over so much of Spiritualized's music. This group might have more in common with innovative, hard-driving Brit rock bands like Primal Scream and Blur than their old group, but Lupine Howl is willfully eclectic, and therefore tough to pigeonhole.

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