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After a series of acclaimed 12-inch singles on Force Inc, the international man of mystery behind the slick, sensual, cosmopolitan house of Luomo revealed himself to be the one and only Vladislav Delay. Throughout the late '90s, the prolific Helsinki-based producer issued a number of acclaimed releases for Mille Plateaux, Chain Reaction and other labels, which featured a unique brand of ambient, glitch- and dub-inflected techno. Around the turn of the millennium he came up with the Luomo alias as an outlet for his housier inclinations. The glitchy "clicks and cuts" texturing that had informed Delay's previous ventures remained an element here, as did deep, warm, dubby bass lines, but the funky rhythmic backbone and soulful vocals of house were key to Luomo's dance floor impact. In late 2000, Delay compiled some of the early 12-inches for the first Luomo full-length, Vocal City, on Force Tracks, then returned in 2003 with The Present Lover, which saw U.S. release the following year on Kinetic Records. The Present Lover continued to consolidate Delay's new identity, collecting ten opulent, billowing house slow jams marked by thick and bouncy four-on-the-floor rhythms, unpredictable melodic hooks, a few computer-generated clicks and cuts, and a whole boatload of sexy, ultra-suave vocals from singers of both genders, which do the most to create the album's European late night nouveau disco flair.

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