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Luke Vibert/BJ Cole

The pedal steel guitar is not an instrument you would immediately associate with electronic music, but, BJ Cole is no ordinary pedal steel guitar player. Cole came to fame in the early '70s with his group Cochise, and he went on to collaborate with the likes of Mark Bolan, Scott Walker, and John Cale. More recently he has worked with Bjork, The Verve, Spiritualized, and Beck.

Music critic and analyst David Toop introduced Cole to the talents of Luke Vibert. It was at Toop's home that Cole first heard Drum'n'Bass For Papa, which Vibert produced under his Plug moniker. Cole was immediately seduced by Vibert's abstract production techniques and unconventional use of sound.

Other than the drum and bass he produced as Plug, Luke Vibert gained a strong reputation for his off-the-wall breakbeat releases as Wagon Christ. Labels such as Rising High, Electro Bunker, and Astralwerks all clamored for material following the release of his debut EP Sunset Boulevard in the summer of '94. Since then, Vibert has remixed tracks for Howie B, Meat Beat Manifesto, David Sylvian, and Nine Inch Nails.

After a number of chance meetings, Vibert and Cole knuckled down in the studio to produce their debut full-length release, Stop The Panic (released on Astralwerks in the U.S. and Cooking Vinyl in the U.K.). "Swing Lite-Alright," taken from this album, is an unusual fusion of Cole's Hawaiian strings and Vibert's tongue-in-cheek electronic musings. Together, Luke Vibert and BJ Cole manage to put the fun back into electronic music.

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