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Lowercase's two primary members, drummer Brian and guitarist Imaad, formed the band in California's Palm Desert, but like so many, soon made the migration to that West Coast musicians' Mecca known as San Francisco. The duo, which has employed several different bassists during its existence, wanders a wavery road between quirky, melodic indie rock a la Built To Spill, darker and more dangerous sounding minor chord fare, and twisted, noisy freakout sessions. The group can claim ownership to three full-length albums: All Destructive Urges Seem So Protect (1996) and Kill the Lights (1997) on Minneapolis-based Amphetamine Reptile and Going-Away Present on Unwound's Punk In My Vitamins label. That latter album provided the source material for this remix of "Floodlit," featured in Skyscraper Magazine?s Technology remix compilation.

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