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Love Lost But Not Forgotten

It's like a tortured evil spirit is possessing these five sonic arsonists simultaneously and forcing them to spew this poisonous musical vitriol in sick harmony. Love Lost But Not Forgotten's instrumental attack occasionally relents, going from slashing razor-edged electric violence to more restrained midtempo nervousness, but the harsh dual vocals never let up for a second. Just listening to these two guys (Nathan Pater and Scott Fogelbach, who also plays guitar) for the length of a song is enough to make your throat ache in sympathetic agony. That's why they call it screamo, folks. If these guys have any semblance of voices left by the time they're thirty, it'll be a minor miracle. Punishing, pummeling devastation that makes you think of things with very sharp edges -- broken glass, barbed wire, machetes, ninja throwing stars -- and the damage they can inflict on the human body and psyche. Fairly crappy production serves to make the pain that much more savage. LLBF is rounded out by drummer Matt Prater, guitarist Jason Emerick, and bassist Chris Grady. They're from Missouri. They've released a number of extremely limited edition seven-inches and a full-length CD on Happy Couples. The record is self-titled and includes "Means to No End."

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