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Love Life

Love Life is a band featuring a bunch of old hands at sputtering, lurching manic-depressive rock. These include bassist Anthony "Scott" Malat, who previously served with Convocation Of... leader Tonie Joy in Universal Order Of Armageddon and Great Unraveling, vocalist Katrina Ford and guitarist Sean Antanaitis, formerly of the goth, noise-rock crazies Jaks, and drummer Dave Bergander. With the new project, these musicians slow down the chaos slightly, elongating their compositions and filling them with loping bass lines, incisive needling guitars, runaway keyboards, and tortured vocal moans and shrieks. It sounds a bit like carnival music from hell. If you kidnapped Nick Cave, fed him Quaaludes, and put him up on stage with a drunk VSS, it might sound sort of like this. Sort of. Love Life's first album, The Rose He Lied by, appeared in early 2001. Their second album, Here Is Night, Brothers, Here The Birds Burn, hit the streets in July 2002.