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Love as Laughter

Sam Jayne started Love as Laughter as a solo bedroom recording project in the months after the dissolution of his old band Lync and his work with Beck on the One Foot in the Grave record. After a couple of wonderfully messy lo-fi releases, he was joined by guitarist Jessica Espelita and ex-Lync drummer Dave Schneider (also of Satisfact). With the release of 1997's K Records release #1 USA (featuring "I'm a Bee"), LAL established itself as a guiding force in the Pacific Northwest's reclusive bizarre-pop scene, playing infectious and twisted music that maintains a radiant sense of fun and an understanding of the underlying power of rock and roll. The newest record, Destination 2000 on Sub Pop Records burns so hot, not even Olympia's interminable rain can extinguish it. Love as Laughter plays the music Mick Jagger might have made had be been a young guy living in the Pacific Northwest at the turn of millennium, hopped up on Prozac to fight the Seasonal Affective Disorder brought about by those perpetual gray skies.

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