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Lost Kids

Light a major fire under the ass of a crazy late '60s psych band and you get the scary psycho-blues intensity of Lost Kids. Heavily influenced by the largely forgotten but utterly fabulous garage bands whose songs populate the legendary Nuggets collection (13th Floor Elevators, The Count Five, The Chocolate Watchband), Lost Kids take that style and raise the stakes for the post-punk age, amping up the raw power and nihilistic energy. The group is the new project of chief Starlite Desperation madman Dante White, who, following the demise of that group, joined forces with guitarist/songwriter Jennifer Pearl and rounded up members of The GO, Dirtbombs, and The Jack Oblivion Band to form a new band, initially called Belle Isle. Soon they recorded a four-song EP, Belle Isle Is On Fire, a smoldering hot slab of hypnotic psychedelic death rock marked by White's characteristically breathless, baptismal vocals and Pearl's burning guitar licks. It will make you feel like you're looking at the world under a frantic red strobe light and that violently strange things are about to take place.

After recording the EP, White left Detroit (where he'd moved Starlite two years previous) and returned to his native California with Pearl and ex- Starlite bassist Yasmine Smith in tow. There they recruited exVue drummer Jason Riddle to round out the retooled Lost Kids line-up.

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