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From the mysterious Laboratory of Sonic Discovery comes 7 Songs/77 Frequencies, a work dealing with numerology and mathematics. The album is built on the fundaments of pure sine waves in the lower range, and is sure to push many listeners' ideas about what constitutes "music." L.O.S.D. starts with a 25 Hz tone and raises the frequency to 253 Hz in 77 increments of 3 Hz. The 77 individual frequency tracks are grouped into seven songs containing eleven tracks each. The pure sine waves were recorded using a Wandel u. Goltermann RC Generator MG-47 and recorded direct to hard disk.

Listening to 7 Songs/77 Frequencies is a bizarre and intense experience. Each song has its own unique character and quality, ranging from driving rhythms to high-pitched clicks and blips. The actual sounds produced will vary widely depending on the shape of the room and the speakers or headphones you are using. The bowel-rumbling lower frequencies are barely perceptible and are likely the rumble your woofers like few other records in your collection. The higher frequencies provide the sonic backdrop for the gurgling sounds of the later songs on the record. 7 Songs/77 Frequencies is a limited edition of 777, and is certain to delight fans of Ryoji Ikeda.

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