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Scott Morgan is a music engineer from Vancouver, BC who's enjoyed a successful career designing sound for films, websites, DVDs, CD-ROMs, and the like. Perhaps not surprisingly, in his spare time he applies his skills to his own creative endeavors, which consist of experiments in subtle, repetitive ambient music under the name Loscil His recipes are simple: start with a simple, gently fluctuating synth pulse, add a steady drumbeat, layer with chilly sound effects, and tweak slightly. What you get are extraordinarily minimal, ethereal compositions which exert a narcotic pull on the listener's consciousness. Not much happens in Loscil's music; the drama is in the sounds' essence, in the shape and texture of distinct tones, in the myriad microscopic variations which take place in the course of each hypnotic piece.

Morgan introduced himself to Chicago-based Kranky by sending them a six-song self-released CDR titled A New Demonstration of Thermodynamic Tendencies, a collection of songs he says were inspired by the principles of thermodynamics. Kranky re-released the CDR along with four new tracks as Triple Point, Loscil's debut album. Clocking in at nearly an hour long, Triple Point is an excellent piece of clammy, haunting, spectral minimal techno. With his 2002 follow-up, Submers, also released by Kranky, Morgan plunged to even deeper levels of cerebral, aquatic sound -- in fact, all of the tracks on the album are named after submarines.

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