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Los Otros

Jarocho is a style of acoustic folk music particular to Mexico. It is also what brought together the five piece Latino rock combo that is Los Otros. Friends and bandmates from Bay Area groups Mariachi Azteca and Dr. Loco's Rockin' Jalapeno Band; Russell Rodriguez, Chris Gonzalez Clarke, Mario Barrera, B.J. Lucero and John Costalupes came together to study Jarocho. After a few performances as Los Jappenin' Jarochos involving some Mexican boleros and Cuban sones as well, they realized that what started as a musical lab experiment had developed a momentum and identity beyond just fun and cultural preservation. Los Otros became its own band, and the members left their previous commitments behind to pursue it.

Los Otros bring to the Chicano Groove table a very classic, 'roots' sensibility that is somewhat at odds with the experimentalist, all-things-are-possible styles of their label mates Quetzal and the ubiquitous Ozomatli. Perhaps producer Cesar Rosas (of Los Lobos fame) is to blame. Los Otros perky Mariachi-style coronet and sweet accordion sounds appeal to all lovers of Latin music. But under that classicism lies something dark, edgy, and surreal, something akin to the habanero-fueled hallucinations of the Latin Playboys, something wicked like the The Pixies in a Spanish mood, some indescribable vibe like Santana used to exude when he was still a young man. Something that would be described in English as 'nasty.' See these songs for the Spanish translation.

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