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The Likwit Crew is a diverse collective. You've got the godfather, King Tee, Los Angeles gangsta OG. Then there's the Alkaholiks, masters of the drunk tekneek. Then there's Xzibit, Defari, Barber Shop, Dilated Peoples, and perhaps the oddest part of the collective, the Lootpack. Spawned in Oxnard, CA (a Los Angeles suburb), the group is comprised of rapper Wildchild, rapper/producer Madlib, and DJ Romes. They've been on the scene for quite a while, first rhyming and laying tracks for the 'Liks first joint back in '93, and having appeared on each Alkaholiks albums since. They also dropped a single back in the summer of '96 entitled "Psyche Move."

Though their name might suggest otherwise, their sole mission in music doesn't concern stacking chips. In this case, "Loot" is derived from "steal," for the Lootpack's mission is to steal the minds of those caught up in the wackness of the record industry. Like Dilated Peoples, there's a strong emphasis on crate diggin' for beats, although Madlib and Evidence each have distinct, very different styles of production. Lootpack's MO is abstract, off-center, and introspective. Case in point: Lootpack produced Quasimoto, everybody's favorite bipedal purple aardvark with a funny voice. Lootpack is an organic combination of straight-ahead hip hop sensibilities and musical innovation.

"New Year's Resolution" and "Whenimondamic" come from Lootpack's acclaimed 1998 debut album Soundpieces: Da Antidote, a prodigious helping of top-notch beats and rhymes. Check it out.

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