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Loop Guru

Loop Guru take an energizing journey through global, cross-cultural electronica on their debut USA release. Duniya is nearly 69 minutes of infectious electronic rhythms ranging from whirly dance grooves to atmospheric shivers, taking us from the dance floor to the chill room. Is it dance? Is it worldbeat? Is it electronic? Is it ambient? Yes. It's all of the above and more.

Duniya (pronounced DONE-YUH) means "the world" in Urdu and features a staggering mix of worldwide instruments, ranging from the exotic (kora, sitar, and various gamelan pieces) to the electronic (guitars, bass, keyboards, tapes, and loops) to their custom-built "percussion monster" (made of hip replacement joints, metal cogs, and dustbin lids).

Loop Guru's core members are Salman Gita and Jamuud, who have worked together for over a decade. They're joined on Duniya by a talented array of guest musicians and friends.

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